New player(s), New channel(s)

Hey, guys! I stumbled into this game a couple months back and really fell in love with it, so much so that I started a YouTube channel to share my experience with the game with my friends and family to try to get them interested in it as well. One of my friends recommended I start a new thread here on the forums with a link to my channel for anyone that might be interested in learning from my mistakes(lol) or sharing in my experiences with the game, and to try to generate a little bit more traffic on my channel. I really liked his idea, but I wanted to take it a step further and invite other players to do the same! So, here is is! Anyone that wants to link their personal channels below, please feel free to do so! I've been through the Videos and Screenshots thread and watched a lot on Steam and YouTube already, but I'd love to find any more community videos.. I like learning from you guys and seeing different tactics and play styles in action! I think this might be a fun way to spread awareness of the game and generate a bit more communication among the player base. I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback on the subject, or my on channel!

Thank you!
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Pc Genie

Not bad. Not bad at all, even if that (Texas?) accent made me laugh and the intro video had some unusual music.

I would also be thrilled if you checked out my own channel, the Pc Genie. I have fewer videos of Exanima, but they include real life swordfighting tips in the meantime and such things.


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