1. Pc Genie

    Robin Hood and general archery

    Here I would like a place to discuss archery, longbowmen, the famous outlaw himself and perhaps the scenario of archers arriving in Sui Genersis! I made a video [insert surprise here] about the brigand in Lincoln Green himself, who splits arrows and enjoys a good bit of banter with his merry...
  2. Peasant135

    Video Tutorial: How to perform L2R attacks.

    Pls, sticky because this may be the best Exanima tutorial made up to date.
  3. Shalen Smith

    New player(s), New channel(s)

    Hey, guys! I stumbled into this game a couple months back and really fell in love with it, so much so that I started a YouTube channel to share my experience with the game with my friends and family to try to get them interested in it as well. One of my friends recommended I start a new thread...
  4. Peasant135

    "Let's Learn!" series: Exanima tutorials.

    Hi guys, there's this guy who makes Exanima tutorial videos on Youtube.I liked them a lot so I'll post them here. I embedded the videos in this thread, but if you found them helpful, let's go to his channel and this give him a thumbs up for his work!


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