Update #36


Project Lead
@Don Kanaille we didn't complete some changes to the environment to better reflect this but (while now long abandoned) the rest of the complex would have been on permanent lock-down with access to those areas only being possible from north end of the map. As I hinted earlier, there are some other reasons why this design makes sense, put in the wrong context it will not.
... The important thing is however that you can jam portcullises, push levers or lock them into place with objects, push buttons and plates by leaning or dropping things on them, cross pits by laying planks across them and even divert the flow of fire ...
What's wrong with the pit-traps?
This night I tried to cross pit-trap by two planks, got stuck in the middle of them and fall in the abyss... Maybe there were too few planks or what? Or maybe there is some sort of "magic" without any visual displaying of this? Or just a "right solution - wrong solution" situation?



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