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In battle, there is often a situation where, at close range, you hit the enemy not with a blade, but with a hilt. I think it would be nice to add damage for the hilt? Also, it seems a little strange to me that defeated opponents immediately release weapons from their hands. It looks as if they were instantly turned off. Perhaps it is worth making them keep it for some time? And yet ... A new (or not so new?) Balance system is good, but I think it can be done even better. I watched a fails compilation, and there, if people fell, they always tried to grab onto something, or put out their hands when they fell. I think this addition will make the fall more realistic.

Sorry for my poor English


First of all, sorry for my bad english)
Second.. this game is amazing. I have never seen so incredible physics and combat system. Skills and “leveling” are pretty cool and interesting too.
But I have question...
I think, that heavy armor is cool, but what if I want to use light armor? Will I have some benefits from using it? Because now, if we just imagine PVP, someone in heavy armor can just run up to me and easily knock me down, then kill me while I lay on the ground. Does it mean, that game is forcing us to use only heavy armor?


Hello Exanima/Sui Generis community!
My first time leaving a message here after following this game for 5 years now and I feel so exited about it! :cool:
Anyway, I felt encouraged to do so after reading Blaikai's post which urged me the need to share my opinion. I'm obviously not the most experienced player but I really think that I can contribute with your doubt about armour use, having always in mind the physics rules of the game.
Firstly let me add, do not say it's bad or feel sorry for your English at all! It is very understandable and you made a good use of it going straight to the point in your post. Secondly I absolutely agreed with its awesomeness, because even tho I have stopped playing it several times, I always come back to it looking forward to see what new stuff have the game creators brought us with the updates without regretting it every single time. It might feel long the period of time between updates but I believe that, this is compensated due to the hard work of the developers.
Going to the point about the armours and assuming the game will keep a certain grade of logic(It's still a game tho), think more in depth about the advantages and also the disadvantages when wearing a heavy armour. A heavy armour brings high defensive against slash attacks, piercing attacks and as a last, blunt attacks. Basically a good protection against physical attacks. It sounds really superficial and obvious explained like this but have in mind that every type of weapon will have a certain grade of bluntness power applied when you swing it just because of the action itself based on the physics, and depending on what tool you've chosen to impart your ideals, it will greatly slash, pierce or crush. But imagine by an instance that you have a long sword which is in a very dull state(a sword lacking the sharpness to cut or slash), wielding a sword in such state would basically be the same as wielding a long iron bar, it would have simply a blunt damage impact on your enemies, a bit of piercing perhaps but it wouldn't slash, instead it would crush their bones just like a blunt/impact damage oriented weapon(Long Hammer).
I am going around the bush with this explanation so you can easily see also the disadvantages.
Wearing a heavy armour will definitely slow you down, it will make your movements more clumsy or at least more limited and surely slow in comparison with wearing a leather armour, and if you stumble and fall, you will take more time to get up because of all the weight, giving your opponent more time to try a finishing blow. I believe heavy armour protects very well against slashing weapons but not so well against blunt/impact weapons, reason why this last one is a very effective approach when facing opponents with shield, breaks faster the enemies posture or defensive pose.
The amazing thing about this game is that you have an incredible amount of gear possible combinations to balance and support your play style. We will definitely see with time(Have faith!) the benefits of wearing leather armour making viable sneaking behind opponents to make ambushes or going through the level without having to face a boss. Obviously when fighting and withstanding a hit wearing a leather armour, it can be more lethal, but you can always turn around and run for it to successfully escape. Fights might require more technique but surely just with seeing how the developers are paving the road for this game probably, all playing approaches in the game will have pros and cons and their rewards.

I hope it was somehow helpful of entertaining since this is majorly just my opinion based on what I've experienced playing.
Huge support for the devs and beyond. Always looking forward to see more of your work.
Thanks and keep it up amigos!


I started to play a few days ago, so I don’t have a lot of experience and understanding of mechanics but..

Is it correct, that the power of hit depends in what time you move (after swing)?
Does the power depends of how you moving the mouse (for example, from right to left, with big amplitude)?
Maybe Im wrong, but for 1 hour I tried to do simple left and right attacks (with different mouse moves), and no matter how hard I tried, it seems like the hit from the left shoulder is a bit faster, than from the right.

Just my thoughts, but) Maybe it’s gonna be interesting to add some kind of tricky attacks? For example, a trick for dual weapon. A hero start to attack from right, but, without finishing the hit, suddenly spin in the opposite direction and attacking from left. Yes, it’s almost “remise”, but it’s different)


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