The Catacombs


So I managed to make it through the Catacombs, almost getting my butt whooped by the few Undead I had found there. Making it to the other side, that leads back up to the room where they keep the caskets ( I entered through the 3rd area. ), I re-emerged and noticed that this area was a lot more empty than how I left it, I typically walk past the more submissive Undead, it however was completely devoid of any AI. I then make my way back to the exit to descend to the 3rd stage and the game crashed trying to load in the instance. Im not a game developer so I wont try to guess what the heck happened to cause this, but I do hope one of you from the Mettle Crew read this and can make sense of the issue.

Other than that I am enjoying the recent update, the reworked levels are very pleasing! :)


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