Skill Tree: Evasion


(Concept: a set of skills to encourage build variety beyond heavy-armor. Drawback is that it probably would require a lot of dev effort to figure out the animations/physics/balancing behind these implementations).

A skill tree that has choices that allow for maneuverability in combat. Many of these are most effective when you have little to no encumbrance.
  • Vigilance - You rise to your feet faster after being knocked down or falling down.
  • Fluidity - Instinctively loosen your body to move with attacks to reduce their impact. (concept is something to help reduce red damage at low armor levels. Don't know if that's precisely what 'Impact' is.)
  • Agility - You can step in combat constantly, and can dash more often at low encumbrance.
  • Reflex - Hold the crouch key when knocked through the air to curl into a ball and regain footing faster.
  • Balance - Improves your center of balance at low encumbrance to maintain footing. (either lower the center of mass or increase it?)
  • Acrobatics - When prone, you can execute a dash to roll back to your feet in that direction to avoid follow-up attacks. (requires Vigilance)
  • Lunge - Dash distance increases if timed correctly during an attack (requires Agility)


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