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After playing the newest patch for several hours I've taken note that whenever you deal damage and it staggers hard enough but doesn't knock the opponent down the AI immediately retaliates if you're close to it. There's a small pause and the swing begins from mid-animation but oddly the attack still packs enough momentum to cause serious harm.

I didn't see anything about this in the patch notes. Has anyone else seen this happening? I find the idea really cool but atm it is very frustrating to defend against and could use a fix.


This is a known bug but Madoc still isn't sure exactly what's causing it. He's looking into it.


Old almost as the game. I just call it lying.
Npcs do many things that players are not capable of.
No, this bug was introduced in a relatively recent build. The player can take advantage of this bug as well, not just the NPCs. Players can do a lot of things that NPCs aren't capable of since NPCs can only do what they're programmed to do; they can't take advantage of the game mechanics in many ways which real a player can.


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