Padded armour layers

Is this layering with padding on top of mail utterly silly?

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Pc Genie

You know how the most ridiculous superheroes wear their undergarments over their trousers? Well imagine my surprise the first time I saw some foolish person wearing forms of padded armour (coats/jackets/etcetera) OVER their mail armour.

Perhaps they didn't drink their cuppa coffee or spot of tea this morning because they aren't being imported yet, but seriously? These gladiators of ours could do with getting their heads checked in my opinion.

Tell me what you guys think.

↑ The way you know they're all brawn and no brains. At least you can throw them at the bad guys I guess.


Although I agree with OP, in that armor layers should go real life-like: cloth>padding>maille>plate I believe this is not critical for the enjoyment of the game. Currently the devs have their hands full with much more important stuff. I would say to leave this issue for some time in the future.


Layer of padding on top of mail? Well, why not? Remember that coat of plates derives from 'armoured' surcoat, which was worn over the hauberk in addition to any gambeson worn underneath. Illustrations from Maciejowski Bible depict maille-clad mounted knights with surcotes on but also footmen wearing two gambesons.
So... cloth -> padding -> padding? Or cloth -> padding -> maille -> cloth? Or even better cloth -> padding -> (voiders and/or gussets) -> plate -> cloth.
Padded armour imho doesn't get enough credit among the reeneactors these days. Mainly beacuse it lacks sexy appeal of shiny plate and/or neat pattern and noise of the mail methinks. The truth is, a gambeson is a very effective form of armour for what it costs to procure, and if prepared and hardened correctly (ie. by soaking in brine) it could potentiallly attain piercing resistance rivalling that of cuirbouille or even plate*.

I would want to wear such well prepared additional, thick surcoat on top of my mail and padding when facing archers. Every little helps, you know.

* before lynching occurs, I am referring to the ichcahuipilli, or Aztec / Tlaxcalan gambeson.


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