New Environment Artist


Oh ? who is it now ?
Here's a snippet from Madoc's post which can be found here:

"I'm not sure if I mentioned this previously but Leonid did not work out and we had to let him go. Scott Petty has taken his place and has proven to be a really excellent addition to the team. Scott is passionate about the project and we've actually wanted to recruit him since the Kickstarter days but he had other things going on at the time. He's been picking up our tools fast and currently he's developing major environment assets for the underworld, the expert arena in the combat demo is an example of his work. Another artist, who has been with us since the Kickstarter, is Luke. He's been involved in various things but primarily he's been responsible for props and some of the character art. The ghoul and the full plate armours are good examples of his work."


Nice ! I really like his full plate armors in the demo... looks really good. His ghoul too ^^
Thanks for the info Tony.


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