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Hm, if talking about music, then i must accept fact that i love very different genres of music. It's more easy say what a genres i didnt like :)
But most than all other i prefer old-school underground music 0f 80-s - coldwave, post-punk, death rock, minimal synth, NDW and s.o., darkwave of early 90-s years (espesially Neue Deutsche Todeskunst), gothic rock, industrial, ebm (something like Velvet Acid Christ and s.o.), avantgarde, dark folk, dark ambient, rockabilly, gothabilly, surf rock, garage rock, horror punk, modern classic, minimal classic, horrorcore, 8-bit, emocore, electroclash, screamo, post-hardcore, indie rock and few other genres. But almost in every genre i have something that i like. I only don't like "tumz-tumz" club music, cheap pop music and russian rap.

But last times i listen things like this:

May be somebody start thinking that i'm freaky, but i dont care :)

Cooper Holt

I'm not a fan, but keep listening to whatever you want to listen to. I don't judge! In fact, I don't think anyone here on these forums judges people harshly.

I'm more in to alternative, alternative rock, indie, and some electronic stuff. Here are some examples:

Franz Ferdinand - Fresh Strawberries

Weezer - Buddy Holly

Tame Impala - Elephant

Cooper Holt

I think I'm due for a post here, so I shall provide. I've been listening to everyone else's music, so maybe the good people of the forums could do the same for me.
I'm mostly in to alternative, chillwave, electronic, indie, house, electroswing, and good 'ol rock 'n roll.

My three favourites atm:

Purity Ring - Lofticries:

Washed Out - Feel it All Around:

The Strokes - 80's Comedown Machine:


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