Extra Arena Features


  • More hireable people types:
    • Blacksmith - Takes Equipment with poor/neutral qualities (rusted, worn, etc) and can be paid small amounts of money to turn it into a normal variant of equipment.
    • Dyer/Tailor - Can be given equipment to recolor it to match a specific style.
    • Medic - Has a chance of preventing your combatants from dying after a loss.
  • UI
    • Unequip all button for management.
    • More general than even just the arena, some way to tell exactly what pieces of armor I have layered on myself.
    • Roll arena tips into help buttons, it's cool there's information about this stuff but having it only appear once is annoying when you might have missed some detail the first time around.
  • Game type feedback
    • Way too easy to stay out of the way in a Fray. In fact, it's actively detrimental to try and join the battle early since this raises the possibilities of becoming double-teamed by remaining opponents. Needs some kind of mechanic that encourages centralization, something like a 'king of the hill' feature where you remain qualified only if you're in the center of the arena.
    • Let me enter my other recruits into group battles. I can't usually do these unless I save up tons of G to get a bunch of hires.
    • Gold gain feels really slow overall unless you get lucky and land a good Beast run. More events with encounter variance like that would be nice.


Nicely discribed requests. Some points:

Extra Hire Types:
- Physician and dyes planned. Blacksmith is unlikely, if there are any small upgrades, they would likely be done by yourself or a general craftsman.
- A Trainer is also planned.
- They will not take up a roster spot.

- Good suggestions, I know the Devs are working on a solution to the second point.

Game Type Feedback:
- On Frays, the main Developer agrees, while XP is tied to a player performance they are considering extra features to promote attacking verse staying passive. These will likely tie into a larger Arena change.
- The times this has been brought up in the past, the response has generally been no. More features are planned for hirelings.
- More events are certainly planned, although the beast will likely stay special in terms of enounters.


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