Exanima Hotfix


Project Lead
We just released a hotfix for a few issues. Here's the most notable changes:
  • Fixed not being able to return to previously visisted maps
  • Fixed keys no longer working after taking them to a new map
  • Reduced time it takes to stop when running
  • Hugely reduced delay before being able to attack after running
  • Sprint speed appropriately reduced based on character decomposition

Get the hotfix from the account page.


I just woke up and went to your posts on steam forums, started reading all from Nov 11 one by one, I couldn't be happier that I was following this game starting 2012, it turns out to be everything I wanted it to be and more, the speed at which you addressed issues people were pressing on the steam forums is just AMAZING, shows how easily you develop with your engine, the decomposing bodies system, the sprinting fix and being able to go back to previous levels in less than a day.. Less than a day!!

This is sincerely early-access done right, and in my opinion a GAME done right, this is a true gem, and no matter WHERE it gets or how much money you make off of it, just releasing such a gem into the open will implement your concept into the game market, and when it works, I hope to see SG's engine and overall mindset and view becoming the new benchmark concept for making RPG's and platforms for games in general, this is truly a game done right and I just had to tell you how great I feel for your success

I would buy it a hundred times if I could, thank you again.


quick hotfix awesome.

"-Hugely reduced delay before being able to attack after running." it was so annoying to run after enemies and not being able to hit them in time before they run again. Nice

i had some game crash with the 0.6 version. I Hope it's gone, frustrating to lose your progression because of that.

Thx again.


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