Doorway looks like a transition zone, but won't transition.


Hello, I recently arrived at this doorway in the second half of the marketplace, it looks like it should take me somewhere, but standing in it does nothing.

Exanima Bug 1.png

I've been getting numerous error messages about various things since coming to the second half of this zone but nothing ever seemed to come of them so I largely ignored them, I wonder if its related.

This is also far from the only bug i've encountered since buying the game semi recently, but I've been waiting until completing the current state of the game to make a comprehensive post about them, this is different as if this is supposed to lead somewhere important, it's a showstopper.


It's not a bug. The content this door leads to is just not in the game yet. It can be opened already simply so you can go through it once the content is added in a future update without having to start a new game, like you had to in the past.


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