Combat Alpha Released (Kickstarter Update)


Yesterday evening we released a first version of the combat alpha. Over 1200 people now have access to it. This very early release is under NDA but it will be lifted soon, we just want to get some early feedback and solve any major issues before it goes public. Anyone with access to the insider forum can view discussions where people have also posted screenshots and videos.

So far the feedback has been very positive. Some people are finding the controls tricky but they seem to be quickly getting used to them, it is a very unique control system. The combat system in general seems to be greatly appreciated. We've had really excellent feedback on graphics, sound, music and various features.

Performance and compatibility are better than we expected, very few people have had compatibility issues and we're getting stellar performance on even very low end systems. This being a first ever alpha release of both game and engine there are of course a few issues but we're quickly solving them as well as making major gameplay adjustments based on the feedback we're receiving. We've already released an updated version with numerous fixes and changes.

This is a huge milestone for us, we've actually shipped a working game even if it is very limited for now and the whole thing has gone very smoothly. The amount of work required to get so many things to this complete state has been staggering and overall we've really made some amazing progress. Our workflow and tools have really improved as a result of this too. Now we can work on adding important features while also receiving continuous feedback (and testing!) and generally having a more meaningful interaction with our backers.

Finally we'd like to thank our community for their patience (we were almost a week late!), support and just generally amazing level of maturity. It's a truly humbling and rewarding experience. Thank you!


Bare Mettle


Very nice to see you guys went ahead and made an official Kickstarter post to let people know about the Alpha build release (not everyone got the emails). There's still a lot of places to let people know such an important milestone was successfully reached (Like the game website, twitter, facebook, youtube and other gaming websites) but I guess most of that will follow through once the NDA is lifted.

Keep up the great work!


Well I think I speak on the behalf of the whole community when I say: Thank you Bare Mettle, you've done a terrific job so far, it's great to see such an amazing game in the making, so again, a big thank you and keep up the great work :rolleyes:
Just cleared the Alpha.. Have to say that although characters feel like they are trashed on 5 bottles of Vodka.
The sound, lighting, physics make it superior to any other games of this genre.

Now, all I'm waiting for is the thaumaturgy.

Keep up the great work guys. You are the blessing to the gaming industry.


Thank you BM, I really hope to see some content soon myself, and I really, genuinely appreciate all the work you put into your masterpiece, thank you.


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