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  1. SergeDavid

    We need us some bagpipes and kilts

    I was directed to this lovely page with royalty free sound clips, This might give whoever does the music stuff something they can work with to get some of those lovely sounds into the game. Then to finish the lovely themed wishlist we've got...
  2. SergeDavid

    M.A.V. Modular Assault Vehicles

    So as a big chromehounds fan I discovered this project about two years ago and as it is almost done the kick starter and I've finally returned to the forums after my long hiatus as I waited for more content to talk about I'd thought it would be a good idea to share the love! Website...
  3. SergeDavid


    One of the things I've yet to see or hear about involves traps. For those unlucky treasure seekers who delve into the unknown to never return to the crafty prankster or intellegent adventurers who can turn the tide of an engagement with some cleaver forethought. The ability to set and use...
  4. SergeDavid


    I formally requests midgets to be included in the game. I know there is probably some politically correct name to call them but the little people aren't elves and they aren't smurfs. They are not dwarves and but they are human and they are short yet not children. The proud midget has been...
  5. SergeDavid

    Reactional world faction changes

    As I understand how the different npc's and their factions (village A, farmers, guild B, etc) interact with you and each other depend on different goals. Say some bandits set up camp near a village and they've been killing some of the villagers and stealing their goods (less for you! :O). They...


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