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    Have the Collectors Editions shipped yet?

    Okey so I'm panicing a bit. I just noticed that my shipping adress was not filled in. I just fixed that but please, please tell me they havent shipped the boxed collectors editions yet. Also why doesnt the support nor contact button work on the website so I can email baremettle?
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    Best combat systems so far

    Overgrowth definitely. You shouldnt except Dungeon Siege 3 to be anything like the first two games (it sucks rather hard actually), if you liked Dungeon Siege 2 you should rather play Dungeon Siege 1 with its expansion, Legend of Aranna? or something like that. That game is superior both DS3 and...
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    Show me your desktop!

    Love how you have one folder, "SKOLA" xD Also, Kudos on winamp! Old school like me! I'm not gonna take a screenshot of my desktop, mainly because 2/3rd of it is random folders/files. (really have to sort them out) But here is my wallpaper
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    Could we get more information on how Sui Generis is made?

    Madoc is a programming god.
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    Forum Feedback

    Is there a dev tracker or something similar to easily see the devs posts?
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    Could we get more information on how Sui Generis is made?

    Also I believe Madoc wrote the engine by himself
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    There are a few examples I can think of that made magic "fun" to use and experiment with. Path of exile has the support gems. Basically a gem that improve/change how a spell works. If you have say a fireball, there is a multiple support gem that adds multiple projectiles. So instead of one...
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    Map Editor & Worlds

    Yeah I wouldnt expect any modding tools before release either. But one can hope! I just hope BM has modding tools in the back of their head while programming the engine and so on. I dont know how hard it is as I'm no programmer, but I'd think it would be easier to make modding tools later if...
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    Map Editor & Worlds

    I'd like to see a complete creation kit to be honest. I bet that is a lot, a lot of work..! But mods really adds years to the games lifespan. Hell, I've bought/started playing year old games I never would have bought/played again if it wasnt for the mods.
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    IRC chat

    Same here
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    IRC chat

    How did I miss that!
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    IRC chat

    So thats why so few are online..
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    My hope and dreams.

    Feels like a village would try to defend themselves if they feel they actually could stand a chance. If a lone man with a sword arrives to raid and pillage, chances are he would just be overwhelmed by mob of angry peasants. Just because they dont know any fancy techniques doesnt mean they are...
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    Message in "Plot"?

    Well, to give a example of what I have in mind. Something I liked in the elder scrolls game, is that if you gave a NPC an item (like in skyrim, dropping an item on the ground and someone comes up and ask if he can take it), or sold an item to a shop keeper, he might actually equip it (remember...
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    Grand list of dev quotes on features

    Well, my apologies then. Post deleted


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