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    Happy Birthday!

    Wow two years already!? Man time flies! Happy fund-day Sui Generis!
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    Combat Demo Beta Release

    Absolutely fantastic! I just finished the expert arena (the new area is sweet!), and I have to say it was soooooo much fun! :D I haven't played for a while, so it felt really challenging in the beginning, before you get your timings and moves right. The new armors and clothes all look amazing...
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    Free lance graphic artists.

    Nope not professionally... yet. ;)
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    Update #28: Update #28

    Lovely update! I'm so hyped! :D
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    The Fan Art Thread!

    Nice one Pipes! :D great lighting :)
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    Combat Alpha Release

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    Get Hype Giveaway - Win insider forum access (or more!)

    Hey lkv, good plan short man! Like the initiative :D
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    Astronaut avatars?!

    Nice with so many new faces! Soon I'll have to make another group foto ^^
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    A Quick Update

    Sounds promising! Good luck with everything guys, I can't wait for the alpha! :D
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    Its that time of the year again

    Good Yule! Happy holidays and merry christmas! Since I'm also from Sweden I eat pretty much the same as Kamo. The mustard herring with potatoes is my favorite. We also eat rice pudding with cinnamon and drink julmust.
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    Just keep up the good work guys! You are amazing! And my birthday is in February so that will be a sweet gift :D
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    Astronaut avatars?!

    Oh I see. :) I'll give it a try tomorrow. :)
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    Astronaut avatars?!

    Just the eyes on the stick? :P
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    New Public Video

    Bit late to the party, but that was BLOODY BRILLIANT! :D That spell! I hope all the thaumaturgy will have the same kind of feel, not over the top but still awesome. (loved it when she dropped the guard from the wall.) And as the rest have said; music, fighting, locations, architecture...


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