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    Settings Steam Controller for Exanima

    While waiting for Bare Mettle releases the official setting for steam controller, I've made a personal that puts all of the commands on the controller. After hours of experimentation, I finally abandoned the mouse and keyboard in favor of the steam controller, making it more immediate and...
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    Hi, I've tryed again, the GPU goes to 85C... And I heard that something is wrong, because ther is a strange rumor. It all started from the 6.3 update. I hope there will be soon a new update that fix this problem.
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    Maybe it's true, but when I start to play the game I heard an abnormal ticking, very loud, that stops only when I close Exanima. It's really something wrong, I have an SSD disk, so it can't be the pin of the hard disk. And it's so only from the 6.3.7 version.
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    Hi, with this last update, playing the game increase the temperature of my GPU till 65C. So I can't play more than 10 minutes... I've an Nvidia 660ti, any suggestion?
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    Top, thanks!
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    I haven't any update... Also in the steam page:
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    Any news? Last update was on the 02/27....
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    Source Filmmaker

    it's a shame, it would have been nice to make some clips...
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    Source Filmmaker

    Is there the possibility to have some models & map to create animations and clips with Source Filmmaker?
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    Arena Questions

    Does anyone know the difference between challenge and duel in arena?
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    Support for analog stick

    Hi, I tried with a steam controller with a home made configuration... And the response was over my expectation! I've always thought that was really difficult to play this game with a pad, but now I believe that's really possible. The major issues are the difference between exploring & fighting...
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    Press "R" button
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    Character's age influence gameplay?

    Hi, does anybody have discovered if the age of the character influence the gameplay, and how? Thanks


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