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    Will this game be coming to Steam? Would go FAR!

    If I'm not mistaken the devs already stated that everyone who pledged through Kickstarter (not sure about Paypal pledges but willing to bet that it's the same with those too) would get their copies "Downloadable DRM free directly from us." Now, if this game is released on Steam it'd be great...
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    Will this game be coming to Steam? Would go FAR!

    You mean something like this?
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    Still would be nice from my girly point of view. Pretty. I like long hair. :)
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    I really think it'd be quite fun if there was some kind of religion without any palpable benefits. Because praying and healing and stat bonuses and god-specific dialogue options are relatively widely used in games. Besides it's what the whole concept of faith is about. To believe in something...
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    Thank you. Yeah, it's been a while. Got caught up in real life issues. :) As for your question - why should they? What kind of tangible benefit Christian God provides? Yet people still believe in it, and in Heaven and Hell. Maybe those gods just exist because they can. Do their god business...
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    This is not about stats being visible. This is about stats in general. Why should there be any bonuses or penalties granted if you choose to worship different deities? This is exactly what high fantasy approach means. Also, christian God doesn't grant its worshippers any stats, visible or not.
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    Age of Decadence

    I thought you wanted answers to your questions.:) As I don't have them unfortunately, I suggested you to ask them on official Age of Decadence forums. If you're interested in answers, of course.:D
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    Age of Decadence

    I'm not really sure, Oona, why they chose this approach but you can always address those issues on their forums. Vince is a nice guy and always ready to explain his point of view.:) Thanks for trying it out!
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    Gaming Bargains

    And I just received a notification from GOG - they have 75% off sale for about 19 hours. Must. Resist. Again. Should I get me this?
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    As far as I understand you can't use save-load mechanics in Sui Generis, because there are no saves. (Kickstarter update #4)
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    Wounds, Limbs and Gore

    It is a universally acknowledged fact that adrenaline blocks pain receptors. Source
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    Sending private messages?

    Are you sure it's not your eyes playing tricks on you? :D
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    Show me your desktop!

    Well, here is mine.:D
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    Reactional world faction changes

    Yeah, you're probably right. And it's definitely a wise approach to avoid any unnecessary complications. I just can't wait, I want to know everything about Sui Generis.:oops:


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